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We are:


We have no set of teachings you must believe

We welcome gay and straight, young and old, white and brown, abled and other- abled, liberal and conservative; it makes no difference to us.

We can do that because we believe in God’s abundant love as expressed through Jesus’s teachings.

Jesus did not discriminate nor do we.

We are kind of a throwback church that loves living into the future.

Our setting is casual yet spiritual. We sing more traditional hymns yet we are not stuffy.

Our pastor, Rev. Frank Szewczyk, challenges us to look at life and faith in new ways. God is still speaking. We should never put a period where God intended a comma. Scriptures are living documents. Each era must reinterpret as God’s world continues to growth.  Rev. Frank helps us do that every Sunday.

We welcome those who have a faith and a spiritual practice as well as those who are just exploring what faith means and what practices can help. Come visit on Sunday mornings at 9:30 or call Rev. Frank at 815-923-4203 for more information